I'm Thinking About Doing My Own Lawn Maintenance...Is it Difficult?

To pay, or not to pay...That is the question...

The #1 question in most people's minds as it relates to their lawn maintenance is whether or not they should pay for something that they should be able to do themselves. We each have our own reasons for why we do or do not contract these types of services, which often come down to PRICE!

You may have seen some professional contractors out there with bright shirts, fancy mowers, big trucks, and shades making quick work of a property; or a guy or gal taking a more traditional approach with a push mower ensuring that every stripe is straight and precise. I must admit, that there is nothing better than the satisfaction of seeing the instant results of your hard work on Saturday morning although it takes hard work and persistence to get the "golf course" look. To keep your landscape looking lush and green, an investment of time and money is required for you as a DIY'er.

With that said, lets take a look at some basic tasks related to doing the work yourself to help you make the decision that's right for you.

Please Note: Since the DC, MD, and VA areas are located in a transition zone, the focus for this example is on a property with "cool season" turf such as Tall Fescue".

Basic Tasks:

  • Flowerbed cleanups, and mulch application (Spring & Fall)

  • Pre-Emergent Applications (Every 4-6 weeks)

  • Post-Emergent (As needed)

  • Fertilization (Every 4-6 weeks)

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly mowing, edging, and cleanup

  • Watering (3 times a week)

  • Aeration (Spring or Fall)

  • Overseeding (Spring or Fall

  • Leaf Removal (Fall/Winter)


  • Lawn Mower

  • Edger/Weed Wacker

  • Blower or Broom

  • Spreader and/or Sprayer

  • Irrigation or Sprinkler

  • Rake

  • Shovel

  • Gloves

  • Ear & Eye Protection

  • Storage

Average Time:

The average time that it takes to service a standard sized yard is largely dependent upon the types of equipment that you have, which can greatly shorten or lengthen time spent in the yard. With that said, some of these tasks can take a few minutes, up to a few hours in some instances.

Please Note: Lawn maintenance professionals leverage teams, combined with state of the art equipment to significantly reduce labor times and manual effort.


  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Fall

  • Winter

As you may have noticed, properly maintaining your landscape requires attention all year.


Depending upon the type of soil, nutrient availability and water absorption rates, some of the tasks listed above will require weekly, biweekly, monthly, and/or every other day interaction(s). With regard to watering, automation will save you a ton of hassle!


After reading this post, you may be thinking that taking care of your own yard is a pretty tall task. Although this is not an exhaustive list of things that we as professionals do and the tools required, it should serve as a good starting point towards achieving the landscape that you envision. You can save money on labor by doing the work yourself, but just make sure that your schedule allows time for the consistency required all year to get the results that you desire.

Hope this helps!

No matter what you decide, Noir Luxe Landscapes is happy to assist with the upkeep of your landscape esthetic. We bring over 20 years of lawn beautification experience, state of the art commercial grade equipment, and results that guarantee satisfaction.

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